Knit Picks Double Pointed Needle SETS - WOOD

Double pointed needle sets make the perfect gift for the sock and mitten knitter. Knit Picks has assembled the six most common knitting sizes and packaged them in this portable, flexible, vinyl case with snap shut closure. Each size is neatly labeled on the enclosed packaging so you can see the sizes at a quick glance. Watch the metric sizes - they are more finely tuned than the US sizes.


Sets include:

  • US Size 0 (2.00mm)
  • US Size 1 (2.25mm)
  • US Size 1 (2.50mm)
  • US Size 2 (2.75mm)
  • US Size 2 (3.00mm)
  • US Size 3 (3.25mm)


Types available:

  • Harmony/Rainbow Laminated Birch Wood
  • Caspian/Blue-Green Laminated Birch Wood 
  • Sunstruck/Natural Laminated Birch Wood 


Lengths available:

  • 6"
  • 5"
  • 4"

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