Petite Knit Technicolor Shopper Bag PROJECT

Technicolor Shopper Bag

The Technicolor Shopper is worked from the bottom up in a slipped stitch pattern. The bag is worked in three strands of yarn held together throughout, and the gradual transitions between colors are achieved by continuously changing between the different colors of yarn held together. The color changes are thoroughly described in the pattern. Work the bag in your favorite colors and either follow the method of changing colors described meticulously in the pattern or use it as a guide and as inspiration and create your own interpretation of the Technicolor Shopper.





  • Size: One size
  • Width: 50 cm [19¾ inches]
  • Height: 40 cm [15¾ inches]
  • Depth: 7 cm [2¾ inches]


This project is of course ideal for stash-busting. You'll need about 1400m of DK weight yarn


How do the colours work? You've got a few different shades working together to create a harmonious composition:

C1: A medium-light neutral (camel was used in the original)
C2: A light neutral (cream was used in the original)
C3: A slightly darker neutral (pale pink was used in the original)
C4: A bright colour that POPS! (bright green was used in the original)


Sandnes Garn Double Sunday - a total of 17 skeins:

  • C1: 7 skeins Camel (2542)
  • C2: 3 skeins Whipped Cream (1012)
  • C3: 5 skeins Ballet Shoes (3521)
  • C4: 2 skeins Statement Green (8236)

You could also use a cotton, like the following....

Cascade Ultra Pima (total of 8+ skeins, approx $96)

  • C1: 4 skeins
  • C2: 1  skein
  • C3: 2 to 3 skeins
  • C4: 1 skein

Lion Brand Pima Cotton (total of 12 skeins, $96+; this yarn is a worsted to aran weight, you can use larger needles with it.)

  • C1:  5 skeins 
  • C2:  2 skeins 
  • C3:  3 skeins 
  • C4:   2 skeins 

Berroco Remix Light (total of 5+ skeins, approx $85)

  • C1: 2 skeins
  • C2: 1 skein
  • C3: 1 to 2 skeins
  • C4: 1 skein

Berroco Pima Soft (total of 15 skeins, approx $150)

  • C1: 7 skeins 
  • C2: 2 skeins 
  • C3: 4 skeins 
  • C4: 2 skeins  

Or if you want to take a more affordable route, try a blend of wool & synthetic:

Berroco Vintage Baby (total of 14 skeins, approx $77)

  • C1: 6 skeins 
  • C2: 2 skeins 
  • C3: 4 skeins 
  • C4: 2 skeins 

Berroco Vintage DK (total of 7 skeins, approx $74)

  • C1: 3 skeins
  • C2: 1  skein
  • C3: 2 skeins
  • C4: 1 skein

Want to go a little out of the box? Try something FUZZY!

Drops Air (a total of 12+ balls, $132; this yarn is a worsted to aran weight, you can use larger needles with it)

  • C1: 5 to 6 balls
  • C2: 2 balls
  • C3: 3 balls
  • C4: 2 balls

Other Materials

This project is a great opportunity to explore interchangeable needles!

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