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A KnitHow Class with Lynne Sosnowski 

There’s nothing under earth and sky that will keep us from making mistakes, it’s just
part of human nature. But when it comes to knitting, there are lots of things we can do to prevent mistakes in the first place and then other tricks we can use to keep small mistakes from becoming big disasters.

This KnitHow class starts with learning how to read your knit fabric - we first brush up on how stitches should look and line up so we can prevent a mistake as we’re knitting. We then look at pattern reading and understanding, so we can know what we’re meant to do before we do it. We have lots of strategies to explore to help us stay on pattern. We will practice counting stitches and rows, and get a working understanding of gauge. Once we’ve done some actual knitting (small homework requirement), we will look at diagnosing our mistake, and we will talk about cosmetic versus structural remedies. Then we will work our way through fixes for the most common mistakes including: dropped stitch, slipped stitch, twisted stitch, accidental hole, split yarn, purl instead of knit and vice-versa. We will continue with “disaster management”, including learning how to unknit small amounts as well as when and how to rip out sections of a piece.

Skill Level: Any

Hours of Instruction: 3


Materials are not included, but we sell everything you need and you receive 10% off all materials during your class. 

  • Approximately 50 m of Cascade 220 Superwash or other smooth medium weight yarn (wool preferred) in a light colour that you find easy to see;
  • one set of 4mm or 4.5mm knitting needles, straight or circulars;
  • one 3.5mm or 3.75mm crochet hook;
  • a safety pin or locking stitch marker;
  • wool darning needle;
  • a few grams of yarn of a contrasting colour;
  • scissors or snips;
  • note-taking materials.

Please note: there will be other notions used in class, but the teacher will have a supply on hand for students to use. If you find them helpful you may choose to purchase your own after the class.

Using the needles and yarn specified above, cast on 24 stitches and work as follows:

  • Rows 1 through 9:  K to end.
  • Row 10: K 8, p16.
  • Row 11: K to end.
  • Row 12: Repeat Row 10.
  • Row 13: K5, p1, k to end.
  • Repeat Rows 10 & 11 six times more, then work Row 10 once more.

Come to class with the piece still on needles, with working yarn still attached.

Class Cancellation Policy

Class deposits are non-refundable. Knit-O-Matic requires at least 72 hours notice of your cancellation before the start of the class in order to transfer your class deposit over to another class. Students who cancel less than 72 hours before the start of class or do not show up for the class will forfeit their class deposit.

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