Rowan Original Denim CLEARANCE

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Rowan Original Denim is a 100% cotton yarn, which behaves like denim fabric.  It shrinks slightly on its first wash and the colour continues to fade gradually over time, creating a unique look. It's great for people of all ages, and all kinds of projects, including sweaters, tanks, blankets, bags, facecloths and tea-towels, etc.

Rowan Original Denim is suitable for all-year-round knits and showcases textured stitches and cabling brilliantly. If you want to keep your Rowan Original Denim garments looking sharp, try hand washing in a delicate wash and add a cup of white vinegar to the water before adding the garments.


Denim Hacks

  • Rowan Original Denim is dyed with indigo, and while using this yarn you can expect dye to rub off on your hands and needles, especially the darker shades.
  • Consider using metal needles and wearing dark colours while you work with it, (and definitely stay away from white furniture).
  • To stabilize the dye, block your knits in cold water with a cup of white vinegar.
  • Read more about using denim yarns and knitting denim squares.


Note from the Manufacturer

Rowan Denim, as with other indigo dyed textiles, fades and ages with washing and wearing. During the unconventional dying process, only the surface of the yarn is dyed leaving the core white. Most of the colour loss takes place during the first wash when all the loose dye is washed out exposing the core. The knitted pieces will also shrink in length during the first wash. This tightens the knitting adding emphasis to cables and texture giving the finished garment its unique look.

As with all knitting patterns, it is essential to achieve the tension given at the beginning of each pattern, i.e. proper shrinkage will not take place if the garment is knitted too loosely in the first place. It is important that you use a Rowan Denim pattern, where allowances have been made for shrinkage. Because the dye is only surface dye, during knitting the colour will come off onto your hands. This will wash off very easily but it is advisable to protect your clothing or wear something dark.

When you have completed knitting all the garment pieces refer to your pattern for the making up instructions, these usually are: Sew the shoulder seam(s) together and complete the neckband or collar and buttonbands where appropriate. The next stage is to wash all the pieces in the washing machine at a temperature of 60 - 70 °rees;C so that shrinkage can take place. The pieces are then dried and can be sewn together. It is not essential but we do suggest that you wind some of the yarn into a hank and wash this along with the pieces for sewing up.

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