Firefly Stitch Markers: Charms

Firefly Stitch Markers are the most beautiful and useful no-snag stitch markers we've ever seen, and we fell in love immediately! Some of the sets come with an extra marker that looks different, to mark your place in your work (like the beginning of your round). 

Birds & Bees: 4 x 10 mm round snag-free birds plus 4 x 10 mm round bees in a pack. Colour: Silver.

Cactus: Sweet Cactus stitch marker packs for your next knitting project! Includes 7 no snag 10 mm round cactus markers plus one removable one. 8 pieces total per pack.

Celestial: 4 moons and 4 stars per package on snag-free black oxidized raw brass. Colour: Black.

Elephants: 8 round no snag elephant stitch markers to help you with your next knitting WIP! Colour: Silver.

Mixed Bag: It’s a grab bag!! A mixed bag of stitch markers for your knitting.
All round, this bag includes 6 various charm rounds and 6 various round no snag stitch markers. All bags are different collections of various charms and rounds.

Mushrooms: 7 silvery toned 10 mm stitch markers plus one red toadstool progress keeper are included inside this little pack of knitting notions. Colour: Silver.

Owls: 7 silvery toned no-snag round owly stitch markers, PLUS one removable oyster shell for your knitting project! Fits up to 9mm/US13 needles.

Pigs: 8 silver-toned round pig stitch markers. Fits up to 9mm/US13 needles. Colour: Silver.

Pine Cones: 7 silver toned 10mm round pine cone stitch markers PLUS 1 pine cone progress keeper for your knitting.

Seashells: 7 silvery-toned no-snag round seashell stitch markers, PLUS one removable oyster shell for your knitting project! Fits up to 9mm/US13 needles. She sells seashells by the seashore! 

Strawberries: 7 snag-free round plus one removable strawberry stitch marker set. Colour: Silver.

Watermelons: 7 x 10 mm no snag watermelon stitch markers plus one removable for your knitting needs! Color: Silver.

Yarn Balls: 8 brass-toned no-snag round custom enamel yarn ball stitch markers on a brass ring. Pack includes two of each: green, pink, white and black. Fits up to 6mm/US10 needles.

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