Petite Knit Sophie Shawl Bozzolo PROJECT


Sophie Shawl in Bozzolo

Sophie is a simple shawl that's knit horizontally, from tip-to-tip. It's a quick, easy knit thats great for little projects .... perfect for travelling or patio season. It calls for a worsted eight yarn, so we tried it out with Berroco BOZZOLO, a super soft, cloud cotton. What happened was a really pretty spring/summer wrap!

Berroco BOZZOLO knits up in a gradient and changes colour itself. SInce the shawl is knit in garter stitch we pushed it up a little to a 5.5mm/US9 needle to make the most of the natural drape and loft of the yarn. Berroco BOZZOLO is so soft and very easy to work with, not at all slippery or ropey.

Thank you Erica for knitting up this beautiful shawly/scarfy thingy!


We made a size medium, and following the pattern exactly it came out a little larger than their dimensions. We used 2.13 balls (or 466m) of Berroco BOZZOLO, but you can get away with using only 2 balls in you follow the instructions below.

  • Our Finished Sample: Size Medium - 13" (33cm) deep, 101" (252cm) long
  • Pattern Size: S (M) L
  • Pattern Length from tip to tip: approx. 170 (210) 240 cm or 67 (82¾) 94½ inches

Easily Change the Size

Because the pattern is knit from side-to side, its really easy to just knit until you've used up half of your yarn, then start the decreases. Just be sure to weigh your yarn before you start, so you know how much is your half-way mark (I use an inexpensive digital kitchen scale from Amazon). If you want you can also make your shawl larger than the largest size, you just need to start your decreases later.


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