HACK Change Your Mothtraps!

Do you recall way back last spring when I wrote about Storing Your Knits? Well if you read it and actually took my advice, you might have gone out and bought MOTH TRAPS! Moth Traps are awesome, the only hitch is that they’re only good for 3 months, so if you have them it’s time to change them out for new ones! I did, and this is what I found – a bunch of malevolent little wool munching creatures.

Don’t panic, just because you caught buggies does not necessarily mean you have an infestation. First off, the bugs can get into the house through natural means, doors and windows tend to open frequently. Secondly, the traps use moth pheromone to attract the males, so the females’ eggs aren’t fertilized. Certainly feel free to inspect your woollens, and I continue to urge you to seal them up (seasonally) when not in use.

When you set out your new traps write the expiry date on them and put the date in your calendar too (you know you won’t remember). Also, when you buy them always get extras for the next round (you aren’t going to want to go back to the hardware store, but your knits do need defence). I use Aeroxon Clothes Moth Traps (package of 2), I get them from Home Hardware, and I think they’re worth every penny. It’s substantially cheaper to avoid moth holes than fix them, and infinitely satisfying when you catch the little buggers.


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