Knitters Pride Interchangeable Circular Needle Cables/Cords: MINDFUL SWIVEL

Strong and flexible - made of finest grade material, these cords are smooth and are conveniently marked at 1" intervals for convenient measuring. They are memory-free for no twisting and are offered with teal colored wooden end caps with the floral print and the cord keys used for tightening the tips to the cord come with a colour co-ordinated wooden top. The Mindful Collection Smart Cords will work with all Knitter's Pride needles. Swivel cords are NOT fixed and have a 360-degree rotation.

These cords are stainless steel wires with a thin coating. 

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Each Set Includes

  • Set of One Cable
  • Two-End Caps
  • One Cable Key
  • Set DOES NOT include stitch markers or tapestry needles


All cord measurements refer to the needle size they will create, not the actual length of the cord. 16"/40cm cords form 16"/40cm needles when connected with the short 3.5" tips. All cords 24"/60cm or longer will form that length needles when connected with 4.5" tips. 

Actual Cord Lengths

  • 16” / 40cm needle: cord is 8” / 20cm (MUST use with 3.5" or 4" tips)
  • 20” / 50cm needle: cord is 11” / 28cm (MUST use with 3.5" or 4" tips)
  • 24” / 60cm needle: cord is 14” / 35cm (use with 4.5" or 5" tips or shorter)
  • 32” / 80cm needle: cord is  22” / 56cm (use with 4.5" or 5" tips or shorter)
  • 40” / 100cm needle: cord is  30” / 76cm (use with 4.5" or 5" tips or shorter)
  • 47” / 120cm needle: cord is  37” / 94”cm (use with 4.5" or 5" tips or shorter)
  • 60” / 150cm needle: cord is  49” / 125cm (use with 4.5" or 5" tips or shorter)

For matching needles TIPS see Here. 

Note: Knit Picks & Knitter's Pride needles are made by the same manufacturer and except for colour are exactly the same product. You can mix the tips and cords between the two brands.

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