Knitters Pride Mio Stitch Markers

Mio Locking Stitch Markers

These locking stitch markers were designed to hook into the knitted or crocheted stitch within a row and will not slip out while you continue working. Use them to mark increases or decreases in your pattern... Or use them to mark a mistake that you need to rip back to or catch that dropped stitch before it runs down through what you have already knitted. Package comes with 30 pieces that will slide easily on needles up to 5mm/US size 8 and a PVC storage pouch.

Ring Markers

These hard plastic stitch markers are great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat. Pack of 50 stitch ring markers (Pack of 10 large (16.5mm), 20 medium (10.0mm) and 20 small (6.0mm) rings) in a PVC pouch.

Mio Split Ring Stitch Markers

These split ring markers allow you to use them on your needle to mark stitches, or to hang on your knitting to mark rows, decreases, increases or even mistakes. They are easy to slip onto a needle in the middle of you work. Pack of 30 rings in a PVC pouch.



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