Oh The Places You'll Go Blanket PROJECT & TUTORIAL

I've been working on an "Oh the Places You'll Go" Blanket and I made up a simple hack to make the increases and rounds look beautiful and seamless! In the video I show you how to make the blanket from the start ... and there's a special treat at the end!


I'm using 6 colours of Amano Yarns Chaski - the yarn is lovely but it's fingering weight and taking FOREVER to finish. I highly suggest using a thicker yarn than I did, the pattern uses a Worsted weight yarn and I recommend Berroco Modern Cotton (for a baby blanket you'll need 1 skein of each of 6 colours, for a throw you'll need two skeins of each colour, for something even larger try three skeins of each colour, and you may want/need an extra skein of yellow, that's the colour I used the most of/ran out of first):

I like the following colours of  Berroco Modern Cotton for this project, but it;s really your preference and I've put together some colour combos for you (see pictures):

  • Pink: 1622 Spinnaker
  • Yellow: 1627 Del
  • Blue: 1621 Warbler
  • Orange: 1696 RISD
  • Green: 1659 Elms
  • Lilac: 1677 Bristol

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