Ombre Garter Squish Blanket PROJECT

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Project Logistics

Jo’s granddaughter requested a purple blanket for her bed. The kid in question is in the ‘tween age range and Jo wanted something with stylistic longevity that would suit a soon-to-be teen and an eventual young adult. The project also had to knit up fast on larger needles, be machine washable, and be pretty (that’s a given). The pattern had to be easy to follow and fairly simple in terms of execution (low on deep thought and paying close attention, high on ease, flow, and intuition).

We went with the Garter Squish blanket by Stephen West and made it into a simple ombre colour gradation. I devised a colour palette that ran from grapefruity-pinks to magenta-pinks to plum to purple and ending in dark grey.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Chunky:

  • A: 61193 Guava: 3 skeins
  • B: 61194 Rhubarb: 4 skeins
  • C: 61176 Fuchsia Heather: 4 skeins
  • D: 6167 Dewberry: 4 skeins
  • E: 6180 Dried Plum Heather: 4 skeins
  • F: 6190 Aubergine Heather: 4 skeins
  • G: 6189 Charcoal Heather (dark charcoal): 4 skeins

Other Materials

Helpful Tutorials


  • Cast on 125 sts for an approximate twin-size width

Ombre Colour Sequence

Knit with two strands of yarn held together. To finish a row you will need yarn that measures at least 3 times the length of the row (for example, if your work measures 50 cm across you will need at least 150cm of yarn to finish a row).

Always change colours at the edge for the work, it makes it easier to weave them in.

  • A + A
  • A + B
  • B + B
  • B + C
  • C + C
  • C + D
  • D + D
  • D + E
  • E + E
  • E + F
  • F + F
  • F + G
  • G + G

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