Rift Tee Project

I came across Rift in a Ravelry search and thought it was a great little sweater for just about everyone. It cracks open all your assumptions about what a “basic tee” pattern should be. This lightweight, bottom-up knit includes instructions for two necklines, optional bust darts, short or long sleeves, and a custom fit bicep. The design features a slightly cropped body and a split high-low hem in twisted rib, giving it enough detailing to be interesting while maintaining a timeless simplicity. The pattern is super size inclusive, and the style is flattering on everyone (you can see the finished projects on Ravelry). Of course, you can make the body longer, that's why we knit, right

The Yarn

Kelbourne Mojave is a super soft and light blend of cotton & linen. It comes in some really beautiful muted colours and also some awesomely bright colours – I’m especially fond of Seafoam Green and Flamingo Pink (it’s really peach). The more neutral colours tend to be nuanced, the type of colour that’s constantly changing based on the light. The fabric texture is supposed to be light, airy and open – the kind of thing you wear over a cami or a sun dress.

Other Yarn Options

If you want a little bit of texture I think BC Garn BioBalance would look gorgeous worked holding 2 strands together (5, 5, 6) [6, 6, 7] {8, 8, 9} skeins …. you could also use two different colours and make it a marled look: (3, 3, 3) [3, 4, 4] {4, 4, 5} skeins in each for two colours. Some people like a high contrast marl, like combining black or dark grey with white. When I’m combining I prefer two colours that are closer in value (the level of light or dark in a colour), the blend together a bit and create a depth of colour.

If you wanted to make something more autumnal I can see it as a gorgeous, mohairesque little top knit up in Drops Brushed Alpaca & Silk (4, 4, 5) [5, 5, 6] {6, 7, 7} balls or Handmaiden Maiden Hair (2, 2, 2) [3, 3, 3] {3, 3, 4} skeins (I have a couple skeins in my stash at home, I might have to make this a reality).


  • Finished Bust: (40, 44, 48) [52, 56, 60] {64, 68, 72} inches or (102, 112, 122) [132, 142, 152] {163, 173, 183} cm
  • To choose your size, measure the circumference around the fullest part of your bust, then add 6-12” (depending on how much ease you want) and choose the closest size.
  • This tee is designed to be worn with 6-12” of ease; however, to get the fit represented in the pattern sizes, folks at the smaller end of the size range may prefer less ease (6-9”) and folks at the higher end may prefer more ease (9-12”).
  • In the pattern photos, Jacqui (short sleeve mustard and long sleeve cream) is wearing the size 60 with 12” of ease, and Julia (cerulean) is wearing the size 48 with 9” of ease.


  • Kelbourne Woolens Mojave: (3, 4, 4) [4, 5, 5] {5, 6, 6} skeins
  • 5mm/US8 – 32” (sizes 34-46) or 40” (sizes 50-66) circular needles
  • 5mm/US8 double pointed needles (or 12″ circular needles)
  • stitch markers
  • darning needle
  • extra needle in similar size or smaller than project needle for 3-needle bind-off
  • Pattern

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