The Yarn Winiding Manifesto by Astrid Skibsted

The Yarn Winding Manifesto is an inspirational work intended to share the joy of craftsmanship, materials, and colours. With thread, cardboard, and attention, you are invited into yarn winding’s artistic space of colours and textures.

So that together, we can contribute a bit of creative counterbalance to an efficient, results-oriented society. There’s a need for it!

With a flow of inspiring images in a wealth of colours, textures, and compositions, this photo series of nearly 200 works is introduced with beautiful and intelligent framing texts, an illustrated guide to the method, and a yarn winding manifesto of tangible simplicity.


  • 4 short essays on creativity and colour.
  • 10 illustrations and a written guide on how to make your own yarn windings.
  • Nearly 200 photographs of artworks for inspiration.


  • The Danish Arts Foundation
  • G-uld I/S: Several of the artworks in the book were created with beautiful plant dyed yarn from G-uld. They have given new life and a new perception of the traditional craft of natural dyes.
  • Bruunshåb Olde Cardboard Factory: A museum for the early cardboard industry in Denmark. The colours cardboards that are the base of the artworks come from here.


The following is a completely unsolicited customer review:

".... during my introductory flip-through of the pages, several colour-texture combinations seemed to jump out at me.  I've already bookmarked one of them so that I can use the colour contrast/texture/stripe size and distribution to apply to my yarn stash (and leftovers) for my first knitting project of the coming season!  Wow!  This will help my weaving too - I'm going to use the author's technique to help me plan colours and textures for (sic) future weaving projects - instead of just stacking cones of weaving yarn and trying to imagine!  I'm glad the book has been issued on such high-quality paper so that it will not be too delicate for my undoubtedly frequent future consultations!  .... I believe that the Yarn Winding Manifesto will become an essential reference in my library.  Colour combinations are difficult, and Astrids' methods and examples could really help many people with their project planning! Thank you for offering this book! "

~ Loretta M


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