Algoma Cardigan PROJECT


I just finished a new store sweater for myself, Algoma by Tara-Lynn Morrison. It's a roomy retro-inspired cardie made with light, fluffy, airy yarn. I used two strands of Drops MELODY held together and 10mm/US15 needles and once I figured out the tension and stuff it FLEW! Its VERY cozy, very light, very soft, and not too hot over a T-shirt (although I haven't really given it a proper winter wearing, so I can't really speak to that fully).

I did my swatching, I cast on for the second size, but it was coming out a bit large for my taste (and I was swimming in it), so I ripped it back to the underarms and I went down from the second size to the first size and made a few mods (see notes below, or on Ravelry). As I worked I was feeling a bit shy about the the fuller sleeves, so I opted for the narrower ones and more fitted profile, but now I'm feeling like maybe I would like to try making a second one with a fuller silhouette and see how I enjoy that (ya know, let go and live ... it's just a sweater, after all). I'm also looking at the marled version the designer made (see pictures below and on Ravelry) and thinking that could be cool ..... You know how it goes, one day I'm feeling very charcoal grey, and the next I want Barbie pink.


  • (XXS/XS) S/M (L/XL) (XXL/XXXL)
  • Finished Bust: (19” / 48.5 cm ) 21 / 53.5 cm (22” / 56 cm ) (24 / 61 cm)
  • Body length: (18) 19” / 46.5 cm (20” / 51 cm) (22” / 56 cm ) or desired


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    I made a few modifications, and the pattern also offers a few choices along the way, so I took notes ...

    The size was coming out a bit large, so I ripped it back and I went down from the second to the first size and made a few mods:

    • Collar: cast on 50 sts for collar. Worked in K2P2 rib, slipping the first stitch of each row.
    • After Collar: after switching to larger needles, I worked the K4 garter border edge as ribbing - (WS) Sl1 Pwise, K1, P1, K1 …. K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, and as (RS) Sl1 pwise, K1, P1, K1, P1 ….. P1, K1, P1, K1, P1
    • Before separating for sleeves: worked body as smaller size until I had 23 front sts, 36 sleeve sts, 44 bag sts. measures approx 19" laying flat.
    • Sleeves, followed instructions for narrower sleeves and decreased until 32 sts, worked until sleeves measured 19” from pickup.



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