Beginner Scarf Project

Learning how to knit a scarf can seem hard if you’re a total beginner. There are two needles to move around, and yarn that looks like it could snag into knots. It looks intimidating! But the truth is that knitting is like any other skill. It’s no different than learning how to ride a bike or how to cook. All it takes is some time and practice. And the upside is that unlike riding a bike or cooking, there’s no risk of skinned knees or charred fingers. Knitting is pretty safe. In fact, knitting has several health benefits! All you need are your hands, some yarn, and a pair of needles. Ready to Knit a Scarf Yeah? Woohoo! High five!


This particular scarf is pretty big .... if you don't want yours quite so large go for 1 skein of Cascade Spuntaneous, not two.


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