PROJECT Dumpling Bag July 26 2023

Dumpling Bag

I’ll be honest, I think I fell in love with the Dumpling Bag because of it’s name … I might have been hungry at the time. Still, the FREE pattern is a great little one-skein summer project. It’s portable, perfect for short trips, not a big investment of time or money, and it’s SO CUTE! Plus, it makes a great project bag to take your knitting along (ya know, for those long walks in the park so you can knit on the go). It’s also super giftable, so you can make up a few of them and give them away as the occasion arises.

You can make it in a smooth, solid coloured yarn like Berroco Modern Cotton DK, and textured, tweedy yarn Berroco Remix Light, or a sensational multi-coloured yarn like Berroco Vivo. You can also try a super-soft, textured cotton like Berroco Pima Soft (which is ON SALE 20% OFF).

Yarn Options

A light, soft cotton or cotton blend is perfect for making a bag:

Other Materials


  • Finished Circumference: 20 inches
  • Finished Length of Short Loop: 12 inches from bottom of bag
  • Finished Length of Long Handle: 14 inches from bottom of bag